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COMIX is heading to the big screen!  Host a screening in your town and you could earn some cash along the way!

We are taking COMIX on the road to a theater near you at Now you, the COMIX Crusaders, can be on the cutting edge of a new way to see movies on the big screen by hosting a COMIX screening in your town.  We have partnered with Tugg, a web based platform that helps people and organizations host screenings in their local movie theaters. It is an awesome way for fans to come together and celebrate what they love. This means that, no matter where you live (Seattle, Poughkeepsie, Gainesville, Nashville, Los Angeles, Austin), you can bring COMIX to your town. It’s a super easy process and totally free to sign up. Here’s how it works:


Select your event details, and then Tugg will reserve the theater and give you a personalized event page for your screening.


Share the event through email and social media with your friends, family, and community! COMIX works with you to spread the word around your community and successfully execute your event! Host a screening with your local Comic Book store, cosplay group, or school.


Sell enough tickets before the event deadline and your screening will be confirmed! (if you don’t meet the threshold you won’t be charged.) p.s. And bonus!  As a host, you get a percentage of the profits made!


Now you get to sit back and enjoy the movie with your community! Personalize it for your community and friends. It’s your show!
Host a screening for COMIX at


Distribution and Theatrical Tour News

MV-signing-Gravitas-Distribution-DealDrum roll, please…COMIX now has a distribution deal with Gravitas Ventures!  We are so excited to have recently inked the deal with Gravitas, a great company and an awesome team behind it.  Gravitas represents a lot of great documentaries, including the Tower Records film,All Things Must Pass, as well as Dave Grohl’s documentary,Sound City. COMIX will be available for sale February 2016 but you can pre-order the film soon.  Stay tuned!


Get ready…2015 is the year for COMIX!

Since our last check-in, we’ve been hard at work the past few months and are proud to say that we are [this] close to completing the film. We have just finished two major technical aspects of the film, the sound mix and color correction.

The sound mix was done by renowned mixer Dave Concors. It is exciting to have Dave on board, he’s a great guy and a heavy hitter with an amazing ear and a very impressive resume!  He makes our film sound fantastic!! He has worked on albums for Billy Idol, Donna Summer, Berlin, and George Duke, as well as movie soundtracks like Top Gun and The Breakfast Club, among many others. Dave was also the mixer on such TV shows as ER and is currently working extensively with Marvel Studios.

Sound Mix from behind 2_Photo    Sound Mix_Dave Concors from behind Photo    Dave Michael Brian_Sound Mix_Thumbs Up_Photo

The Color Correction was done at Roundabout Entertainment in Burbank. Juan Zorn, our colorist, has an eye for color and makes COMIX look electric and visually striking!  Basically, color correction can fix any problems with the color, lighting, or contrast of the picture, and can also bring out certain colors and adjust the overall balance to make the image look as sharp and vivid as possible. Roundabout has the latest technology and their team treated us so well. We worked on the Da Vinci system which is the same system they use for TV shows and movies.

                        Color Correction 1     Color Correction 2


COMIX gets Comikaze’d!

The COMIX crew and I went to Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo in LA this weekend and had a blast!!!  We met up with some old friends like Stan Lee and John Romita, Jr. and met new friends like Image Comics Co-Founder Rob Liefeld (Youngblood, X Force, Deadpool) and hip hop legend/comic book entrepreneur DMC who just released his first comic book!

We also got to see J. Scott Campbell (The Amazing Spider-Man, Wildstorm Comics), the guys from Comic Book Men, and more.   We almost had a chance to eat the Hulk!  Actually, it was about a 15-ft. cake for display, ginormous and smelled so good!

 Among the many highlights was that I had my first Podcast interview  and will share out when it broadcasts.  Another personal highlight was giving my very first autograph to a fan who heard about the film.  It was a truly humbling and awesome moment for me.

It was great getting to spend time with Stan Lee fans while we waited in line for Stan.  I want to thank them for being so cool about letting me share COMIX with them.  As for me, seeing Stan was like being a kid in a candy store all over again.  I was just so happy to share the movie with with him, and so I wanted to share this moment with you.

Please help us spread the word about the COMIX Kickstarter campaign! There are all kinds of cool rewards, including getting the chance to score yourself a pre-release copy of the movie.

Check out

You can make a difference!



Taco Girl

Taking a break from the movie, the COMIX team was San Diego-bound for Comic-Con 2014 and had a blast (like always), but this time, in search of the “Ultimate Comic Book Fan”. They interviewed many really cool fans who got to express why they felt they were the Ultimate Fan and why comics mean so much to them. The fans are the real heroes of this world.


One of the other goals of going to Comic-Con was to get some unique, one-of-a-kind gifts for the COMIX Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign like signed and sketched books from some of the talent in the film. One of those legendary artists is Neal Adams who plays a crucial part of the Batman legacy. Neal did a sketch of Batman in a Batman book that looks amazing as a gift to a lucky fan for the upcoming COMIX Kickstarter campaign.


Comic Book Artist Amanda Conner who is probably best known for her work on Vampirella, The Pro, and Harley Quinn also sketched and signed a book of her best known work for the COMIX crowdfunding cause. She is a sincere and genuine person, and we are so thankful for her interview and continued generosity.


Marc Silvestri & MV shaking hands CC2014The COMIX team also caught up with Top Cow Founder, Image Comics Co-Founder, and Artist Extraordinaire, Marc Silvestri, who was gracious enough to sign a Hunter Killer book also signed by writer Mark Waid as a gift for our Kickstarter campaign. One awesome gift that will be hard for the COMIX team to part with. :-)



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