The Journey to COMIX

comix the movie
Hello friends - As I look back on the journey to create COMIX, a film that captures what I want to put out into the world about the passion people have for comic books and the phenomenon it has become, I continue to be inspired.  My goal is simple, to make a film that, as a comic book fan, I want to see, with people I idolize and respect. It is an important part of my vision to have the industry icons themselves tell the story…and they have with a combined fervor and pride.  I am continually blown away by the passion and authenticity of the fans who reveal so much of themselves on camera…such nice, sincere, and talented people!  Comic book fans are so unselfish and I am full of gratitude and continue to be inspired by all those that are part of the road to COMIX: Beyond The Comic Book Pages.  What makes this film special is its depth because of the people interviewed and their thoughts about all things comics.   This film is fun, positive, informative, and just totally cool!