My dream came true when I got the chance to sit across from Stan Lee.  I worshipped every strand of Spider-Man when I was a kid and being given the chance to interview him was like interviewing a universal life force.  It was like interviewing…a Beatle!! To hear all of his great stories about creating legendary characters was so inspiring and I felt like a kid again.  Can you believe that he and other comic book icons like Frank Miller, Neal Adams, and Mark Waid are a part of this film?!?

Stan is the nicest guy in the world and showed me nothing but kindness. When he agreed to be a part of this film, I had my A-ha! moment of knowing that COMIX was now bigger than me.  I was making it for everyone who believed in the power of superheroes and comic books and knew there was no looking back.  Stan was super nice, fun, fascinating, and energetic.  He talked about creating Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four with such passion.  He talked about all the legendary characters he created and the artists who helped him bring them to life. You could tell how proud he was of his career. Hearing and seeing him talk about how his publisher hated the idea of having the name Spider-Man as a superhero and doubting if Stan knew what a superhero was…and all I could saying to myself was, “Are you kidding me?” If ANYone knows who a superhero is, it’s Stan “The Man” Lee!


COMIX: Beyond the Comic Book Pages is an exciting new feature film documentary about the world of comic books told through the thoughts and images of the creators, artists, writers, collectors, store owners, independent publishers, and especially the passionate fans who have made it the phenomenon that it is today.  Please support our Kickstarter campaign to help finish COMIX.  We are almost there!  You will receive all kinds of amazing rewards, including being the first to receive the movie!  The link is below: