MV smiling thumbs up while Amanda Conner signing book_PR_2

Artist, Writer, Penciler, and Inker Amanda Conner is one of my favorite and one of the most talented comic book artists in the business today. I love her work on Vampirella. How would I describe her art?  She says it best, it’s “fun, irreverent and out there” and it is truly refreshing! Amanda is probably best known for her work on Powergirl and Gatecrasher. I highly recommend you check out her work.


Amanda is so sweet, kind, and really great with her fans.  She stops and talks to each and everyone of them. It was an honor to get my chance to interview her at Wizard World in Los Angeles. She shared some great insights in the film that I can’t wait for everyone to see.


When asked why there are so few females in the business, she said candidly, “Just doing comics itself, it’s definitely a labor of love.  And there are some women that love it…all nine of us! (she laughs).”  She offers a lot of wisdom and advice in the film, you gotta’ see it!


Amanda was kind enough to sign and sketch in her hard cover book, “Sequential Art of Amanda Conner” for our Kickstarter campaign which launches next Wednesday, October 15. For more information, visit www.comixthemovie.com and to receive COMIX news and updates, click here.